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IDo you need a reliable website design company in Patna to promote the growth of your online business? Then SEO THOR is the right choice for you.SEO THOR is the best web designing company in Patna. We have a strong presence around the globe and a vast list of successfully finished web design projects. Our team encompasses innovative web designers who are talented and trained enough to serve our clients.

Our web design team has served over 1000 clients.

We work as a technical web design company in Patna and believe in creating quality services and long term consumer relationships.

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Website owners can collaborate with us to create stunning websites that impress their customers and generate results for their business. Get in touch with us direct our website. We allow individual designers to take the project if we like their work. So get in contact with us and experience the difference.

Why are we considered the best Website development company in Patna?

SEO THOR is the best website design agency in Patna. We offer affordable and professional custom web design solutions to help your business grow. As mentioned, our company includes web designers who have the expertise to create websites that are intuitive and attractive to targeted customers. Our team and we are able to maintain a high ranking in the Patna web design companies by delivering satisfied results to various types of businesses.

SEO THOR offer a wide range of website design services, including –

Responsive-Web-Design Website Services

Our Web Designers are capable of creating smart phones, tablets and desktops friendly websites. They are responsive and user friendly.

Graphic Design Services

Pictures speak louder than words that's why we have included graphic design services in the list too. So clients don't have to go to different service providers. We will design posters, banners, logos, tags and brochures to market your brand.

Dynamic-Website-Design services

Let SEO THOR take care of your website designing needs. Our dynamic website design services are all about blending innovation with the right amount. We provide dynamic website design services to facilitate our clients with variety.

Web Portal Design Services

The type and design of a website portal's design will vary depending on the type of business you wish to take forward. SEO THOR takes care of all details while providing the necessary services.

Template-Design Website Services

We are the top web design company in Patna. Our template design services highlight and focus on the details that have been provided by our clients.

Custom Web Design

We have launched this service to satisfy the creative minds of our clients. You can customize the web design according to your requirements and we will design in an innovative way.


With our corporate website design solutions, you can meet the demands and needs of your corporate clients.


We customize the templates to meet your expectations. We will create one that meets your business needs.

Static Website Design

Our static website design services are designed to present your business online. They don't need frequent updates.

We are the prime website design company in Patna, Bihar. We understand your business and create a web design that suits your needs and makes you stand out from the rest.

Static Website Design

Although every project is different, there are some things they have in common. Our web designers have years of experience and are able to tailor their approach to website design to ensure that your project is successfully finished. Our web designers are skilled at creating stunning designs that will help you achieve your brand recognition and identity.

Candent SEO is a promising website building company and we are well aware of the fact that website design is a collection of services. Therefore, we believe in achieving diverse requirements. We thoroughly research and create new websites that meet the latest web technology standards

Reasons Why SEO THOR is the Best Website Designing Company in Patna

We will work with you in a way that will take your online presence a step above. As the best web design firm in Patna, we can help you create a website design that will double your revenue. Our goal is to increase your turnover with minimum effort.

Candent SEO can help you in creating a unique website design that features an interactive UI. The UI must be easy to use. It should also stand out and give you an advantage over your competitors. Our UI designs possess all the qualities.

Our company is closely aligned with your marketing goals in order to provide you performance-based results. Candent SEO is the best company for website design services. It's all about ideas and actions. Take a look at the key features that make us the best website designing company in Patna.

We want to make your website stand out from the rest by adding unique selling points. Our professional web designers combine good design with graphics to convey a cohesive visual message.

There is an inexorable amount of competition on the internet. We focus on your website's overall personality, starting with the best fonts and great design to improve its functionality.

We know that websites should not be cluttered with eye-catching designs. Candent SEO offers clear design and navigation that is compelling enough to keep visitors on the page.

Quality design is always open to improvement. Therefore, we offer a website that is both visually striking and allows you to add your products and services. It is possible without putting extra effort.


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What other services are you offering in addition to web design and development?

We offer full support for the website we create and are always available to help with any problem you may have. We provide web hosting, web maintenance, web design, and web development services.

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