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Small Business SEO

Get Found Online with Small Business SEO Services!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to drive visitor traffic and take your website in the higher rankings of the Search Engine Results Page. So if you are all set to launch your small business then proper search engine optimization is quite essential for you as many small business or start-up cannot afford to spend huge balance on activities like promotion and marketing.

With millions of websites getting added daily on the internet it becomes much difficult for the small business to compete and create a presence for them over the web. Therefore, a Small Business search engine optimization (SEO) service becomes the need of the hour for all those business who wants to gain the maximum business with minimum investment.

Why Choose SEO THOR as best small business SEO company?

At SEO THOR, we specialize in providing high quality and cost effective SEO to suit small and medium size business firms. But we also know that “one for all” tactic doesn’t work for small business. So, before offering our best small business SEO services our team does a proper research and assessment with the client and comes up with the best attacking SEO plan which is guaranteed to provide long-lasting results.

Our Successful Small Business SEO Services

Following are the factors that will let you choose SEO THOR as Best Small Business SEO Company.

  • SEO Strategy: We will do a detail research of your website, your business objectives, current marketing plan, short-term and long-term goals to discover a suitable small business search engine optimization strategy for your business.
  • Target Keywords: To ensure that your company’s online visibility has a wider scope we will conduct in-depth keyword research and target them accordingly. Mainly for small business we target longtail keywords as they have more relevant leads and higher search engine rankings.
  • Content Optimization: When it comes to website we all know that content is king and for that fact our team will write keyword rich content as required and will also take the responsibility of optimizing the same.
  • Link Building: We will conduct a preliminary audit of your site and your competitors to discover the opportunities that are available to you and based on those opportunities our team will generate link building strategy to expand your brand awareness and credibility.