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If your website is visible today, it is going to make money. The kind of visibility it needs is universal, from social media to search engines. You have to make your presence known in order to attract consumers. And a very significant way to achieve that level of visibility and attraction is through search engine optimisation.

There are billions of searches performed every day. Google alone experiences close to 4 billion searches in a day. Each of these is followed by millions of results on hundreds and thousands of pages. However, the users do not care about the millions because they find exactly what they need on the very first page and many times, on the very first result.

If you are not number one, you and your website will end up losing business. There would be less traffic, less leads and consequently less conversions and sales.

At SEO Thor, our team of SEO experts is ready and willing to make you number one, in terms of search engine rankings and in terms of business growth. We are reliable, we are affordable and we know exactly what to do to make you organic rank higher. All three of these qualities have landed us amongst the top ten SEO companies in India.

Why do you need a top organic ranking SEO services company in India?

SEO services are amongst the few practices that can actually make a tangible difference in your site’s visibility, traffic and revenue. You can perform practices yourself, however, working with an SEO company in India can be much more fruitful for you.

SEO Thor is the best and most affordable SEO company in India and we guarantee that your site’s increased traffic would agree with us. You need to work with us to believe in the fact that we are capable of making your bloom with our advanced and well thought out SEO strategy.

After years of experience in digital marketing and SEO services, we have a holistic plan in place that has not yet let us down. Even the businesses, which have just started out their operations have been able to experience a significant hike in organic ranking within the first few months. Here is why.

We focus on extensive keyword research

The SEO strategy commences with extensive keyword research. We select the right keywords on your business model and your target audience. We believe that addressing the right keywords and factoring them into the content throughout the site and even in third-party content can help search engines find you when needed.

For research purposes, we use a number of resources and tools, from social media to the search engines themselves. Google Keyword Planner is our preferred tool.

We optimise information architecture

An important part of SEO optimisation is information architecture. The reason is that IA helps immensely in organising and labelling content on websites, which further supports usability as well as makes the site and its content easy to find. It creates a precise map for navigation for search engines to scour the website for the typed in keyword.

SEO Thor ensures that the IA is as logical as possible by detailing every minute aspect of information that could help search engines like Google find you. We create pages and organise them, we build homepages and ensure that they are easy for Google to find through the art and science of IA.

We emphasise on on-page and off-page SEO

SEO Thor does not only focus on your website to improve your search engine rankings through on-page SEO, but also outside the site through off-page SEO techniques.

From an SEO-friendly web design and content to focusing on meta tags and XML sitemap, we leave no stone unturned while working on on-page SEO. generating subject specific content, headings and internal links also play a crucial part in our plan.

For off-page SEO, we lay emphasis on backlinks and work with notable third-party blogging sites. We also work on press releases, articles and guest posts to gain an advantage for you on search engine algorithms.

We consider the competition

We call ourselves a professional SEO company in India because we do what needs to be done for the most fulfilling SEO rankings for you. And that is analysing your competition's SEO strategy with a fine tooth comb to even know and recognise their back links.

All of this leads to a better understanding of the market trends with regards to SEO optimisation. This further helps us in building a more sound strategy.

We build on performance

Finally, our also prioritises performance if your website. Did you know that a slow loading website isn't going to capture the interest of the user for long? 3 seconds, that is how long you have to intrigue the user with your content and appeal. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, your potential visitor will hit the back button and move on to the next option.

Therefore, it is crucial, as part of a holistic SEO strategy to work in enhancing your site's speed. If that is not done, all the other SEO would go in vain. And SEO Thor would not let that happen.

How do you benefit from partnering with the best SEO company in India?

SEO Thor, as the best seo services company in India, has lots to offer to you. Our holistic strategy can actually provide many benefits to you and your business. Whether your goal is to build better user experience for your visitors to create a unique brand image, you will get everything you ask for.

You get an enhanced user experience

You can only call a user experience perfect for the visitor when he finds what he is looking for easily. Your audience came to you for a reason and your UX has to fulfil that reason..

The user experiences we strive for include relevant information that the user wanted to know about exactly. We ensure that through logical and appropriate keyword usage along with relevant linking setup. This also includes pertinent images and videos to support the information the user wanted in the first place.

The goal is always to make the experience less taxing and more enjoyable. With us, you can rest assured about that because we aim to build easy to navigate web pages that are inherently responsive to the device they are being viewed on.

You get quality traffic

When you are able to capitalise SEO in the way it should be, the result is always going to have a higher degree of quality traffic. By quality traffic, it is meant that people, who actually have a need to be fulfilled land on your site to fulfil it and the chances of conversions become quite high.

Contrary to many marketing techniques, wherein you reach out to the consumers, without knowing whether they have a need for your product or not, SEO marketing follows a different path. You do not go to the consumers, they come to you through search engines and that is when the probability of an actual sale becomes higher. With us, you’ll be able to get your business amongst the top few results, so that the conversion probability becomes even higher.

You get to create a greener website to help the planet

Today, people have become extra cautious about their impact on the environment. And a major contributing factor in that is our carbon footprint. If you think that the use of the internet and the world wide web is not playing a part in that, then you are wrong.

For every Google search, about 1 to 10g of carbon is emitted into the environment. So, we ensure that you get the most appropriate keywords, so that your consumers can find you from a single google search, instead of typing into the search bar repeatedly.

You get a brand that invokes loyalty

Any brand that is amongst the top ranking Google results is bound to invoke a certain level of trust and loyalty from its consumers. When you write in the search bar ‘shop for a phone,’ thewan number one result on Google is Amazon. And you must know the kind of loyalty Amazon invokes.

You will be able to get that level of trust, when you land on the top of Google results. We guarantee you that.

You get all of this at an affordable price

The most financially lucrative part about partnering with us is that you won’t be spending a fortune in getting the best SEO services. We are an affordable SEO company in India that will give it best efforts to make our partnership worth it for you. The costs you will incur would be drastically low in comparison to the results you will witness.

Since pricing often holds us back from partnering with companies and making associations that could prove to be fruitful for us, SEO Thor has eliminated this school of thought. Our reasonable and attractive packages would serve all your needs and then some. Contact us to find out.

Our SEO services that have made us the top SEO company in India

SEO Thor has a range of services that can all be taken together or individually to help you gain the most out of search engines. Our goal is to get our clients on top, and our services range makes that possibility seem like a reality.

Site Evaluation

Our services start with evaluations, since that is what gives us a clear picture of what is going on and what more could be done. We thoroughly analyse your site. We check the keywords and their use. We analyse your site’s architecture, its performance and your competition. We look for any issues that may be hampering your website’s working. We check for on-page and off-page practices that have been implemented by you.

After scouring your website with laser precision, we come to you for a discussion about the same. We propose changes that would help you in achieving better search engines rankings. And we leave it up to you to prolong our association or leave it at that.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

We are also a consultancy and advisory service provider. Our team of experts will consult and advise you and your team. From critiquing your work to making honest feasible suggestions for improving, we will help you any way you want us to.

Strategy Implementation

After the evaluations and consultations comes the actual work that would change your SEO rankings. We implement a thoroughly thought out strategy, which would be an ideal fit for your business model. Our keen knowledge of Google’s ever changing algorithm and our years of experience has made it possible for us to provide you the best results.

Our enforced strategy is the result of our efforts and work over the past decade. We have honestly witnessed true enhancements in our clients, who had only been in business for a couple of months. Once our plan is in place, you would not have to worry about altering it anytime soon. The results would keep pouring in.

Education and Training

Finally, if you want your team to have a sense of grip on the latest SEO practice without our constant involvement, we provide education and training as well. We believe in making our clients independent enough to work without a crutch. Our training programs are meant to remove those crutches permanently.

The art and science of SEO lies in the minor details. An inappropriately linked internal article can actually be responsible for a lower rank. So, our training programs were founded so that our clients can understand the subtle nuance of SEO practices that account for a tangible and positive change.

Get the best from the best!

We want what is best for you and your business, give us a chance to apply our skill and experience into providing you the very best. Contact us so that we can work together to achieve that.