What Is SEO And What Does SEO Stands For in Business

Generally SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization. A practice of optimizing your website to maximize your website traffic organically is called search engine optimization.

Most of the businesses around the world are getting their businesses online. Even farmers are selling their Fruits, vegetable and other harvest online direct to their customers. That online platform could be a website, a social Media business page or a video sharing platform like YouTube.

Irrespective to traditional marketing the competition is now moved to online platforms.  Search Engines, Social Media, Video platforms, Podcasts all these platforms can be used to advertise your business.

Why SEO is Important For Business

The answer of this question

As we all there is a thing exists called internet and most of the people have access around the world without any boundaries you can sell your product and services around the world no matter what is your locality, language and you can setup your online store in the form website where you can sell your product and services

Now you have a website now the Question is

  • What next  
  • How get your potential customers to your website
  • How to Market your products and Brand
  • How to Increase Sales

“Now Here the role of SEO Comes into Play”

organic Search SERP

Search Engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGO, Yandex) where people around the world search for their daily use products and services.  These search Engines have some set of rule (algorithm) to render best and trustworthy products and services to their users. Expert SEOs can optimize you online store(website) to get best possible outcome by ranking your website high in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Once your website get rank higher in the SERP the chance of getting traffic(people looking for products and services) will increase  once the potential customer lands on your website he/she can buy your products or services directly from your website.

What Are The Types of SEO

Here are types in which we can Classify SEO (search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing for relevant local searches like Coffee shop near me, Hardware shop in Atlanta or plumber in Newyork.

You can optimize to rank your local business on Google, Bing, Apple Maps, and other local search engines. People can get your location, Contacts, or can go through your website

46% of all Google searches are local.
Google SERP Stat

Enterprise SEO: –

Enterprise SEO is useful for those companies who are already established and working well in terms of getting traffic because they are already a brand (Enterprise SEO allows fortune 1000 companies to dominate their business category) like:-  Amazon, Alibaba  but they have their SEO teams who analyse their data and suggest marketing official  possible step to be taken to increase user engagement, sales  conversions. They perform different- different analytical strategies (funnels, they track the interaction of their customers with pages)to increase conversion rate. Enterprise SEO leverages calculated automation, established workflows, and team with different functionality or expertise work together to accomplish a same goal (cross-functional collaboration) to improve brand reach. They offer discounts, flash sales after their analytical analysis to boost up their sales.

Small Business SEO

Small Business like wedding photography, Tailoring, flower shops have 5-10 pages websites and these businesses operates in small area or one location. These businesses can optimize their sites for local keywords like wedding photography in Dallas etc.. Google My Business, Apple Maps and other local search engines can be very useful for these businesses

Ecommerce SEO

 Ecommerce SEO and content marketing campaigns give highest ROI(Return on Investment.

 People love to purchase products online because they get offers, lot of varieties and convenience. You can also make an online shop with your website and rank your products to maximize your sales and reach.

How Much Does SEO Cost For Small Business

SEO Costs nothing but it takes times but in case you hire SEO agencies it can vary on Different aspects Like

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Competition
  • Products or Keywords you want to Rank
  • Strategies like:- Content Marketing which includes Video Marketing, Guest Blogs, PDF/PPT, Paid Listing, Podcasts etc

“Search Engine Optimization is a Low-Hanging Fruit For Businesses”

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